What is the MakeItMove.com Partnership?

Bosch Rexroth / MakeItMove Products

  MakeItMove.com is an official cooperation between various Bosch-Rexroth distributors that gives you the ability to work with a single-source supplier and have technical support from your local distributor.

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  • Accumulators
  • Cylinders and Actuators
  • Filtration
  • Flow Controls
  • Heat Exchangers / Coolers
  • Hydrostatic Drives and Transmissions
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Manifolds (Standard , Custom)
  • Motors and Transmissions
  • Pumps: Piston, Bent Axis, Vane, Gear
  • Power Units
  • Valves: Directional Control, Proportional, Servo
  • Accessories


Bosch Rexroth Manufacturing
Sites and Offices

Bosch Rexroth / Make It Move
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Primary Distributors Involved

Bosch Rexroth - Industrial Hydraulics
Bosch Rexroth - Electronic Drives and controls
Bosch Rexroth - Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies
Bosch Rexroth - Pneumatics
Bosch Rexroth - Mobile Hydraulics

Airline Hydraulics
Livingston & Haven
Womack Machine

Benefits to Our Customers

5 Divisions of Bosch Rexroth

   Seamless Interaction
  • The time, and cost between the customer and Bosch Rexroth has been reduced because all distributors act as partners of Bosch Rexroth and each other

  • Inquiries, Orders, Acknowledgements, Invoices, etc. all flow electronically between the organizations

   Personnel add more value!

  • Customer service personnel, now freed from clerical, transactional activities undergo continual product training and function as experts to our customers

  • Bosch Rexroth customer service will be able to focus more on product / application questions rather than simply expediting product.

   Logistics improves to meet market needs.

  • If you have offices in 10 different states which are covered by 3 different members of the network.... no problem! We all function as one company to make sure that you receive the same service everywhere.

National Customer Service:

Mailing Address :
P.O. Box 7207
Charlotte, NC 28241

Phone Number
Fax Number
(831) 301-7301
E-mail Customer Service


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